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Tips For Installing Cultured Wall Panels

Although we supply the wall panels in even rectangles, walls are usually not exactly square. Normally it will be necessary to cut the panels for an even fit. The material should be cut outside and will produce a harmless white powder.

Use extreme care in cutting the holes for the faucets and water inlets.

Be sure the edge of the tub or shower pan is clean to make a good silicone seal.

Installation cannot be done in the rain. The glue will not stick to wet panels.

If installing a soap dish or combo, locate between studs and away from plumbing and electrical. Cut out sheet rock to accommodate the unit. See below.
Soap dish cutout size: 7" x 5 1/2"
Combo cutout size: 7" x 14"
Double combo cutout size: 14" x 13 1/2"
(Location should be determined before sheet rock goes up)

Use level to locate the lowest point of tub or shower pan ledge. Scribe level line at the top with a putty knife where panel is to be placed. Do not use a grease pencil because it will show through the silicone and look dirty. Measure at cut back panel to fit first. Remember, measure twice and cut once.

Cut material from the finished side, not the backside, after marking with grease pencil. Hold saw off panel to prevent scratching. If panel is cut at slight angle at the bottom, it will rest snugly on edge of tub. Wipe dust off panel to ensure proper adhesion. Apply white silicone for marble and translucent silicone for onyx and granite in golf ball size globs every 12" over the back of panel. If there are any significant irregularities in the wall surface it may be necessary to brace panel for 24 hours until the adhesive dries. Warning: Forcing a brace will crack the panel.

Soap Dish:
Make measurements and cutouts for soap dish and plumbing after the panel has been cut to fit and prior to gluing. Drill pilot holes at each corner of cutout area then use skill saw between holes. A hole saw in a drill can be used to cut circular holes for plumbing. The holes are usually 1/4" larger than the pipes.

Once the panels are glued, the silicone can be applied. Be sure all seams are free of dust. Use a high grade, mildew resistant white silicone. Spray area with denatured alcohol from a spray bottle before wiping to prevent silicone from spreading over the panel. Let silicone dry for 24 hours.

Shower Door Installation:
A door installer will measure after the installation is complete to ensure a good fit. A proper fitting door is critical to avoid future water damage.

Professional Installation Is Recommended:
There is no substitute for a qualified and experienced installer who has encountered numerous situations that arise when installing. This literature serves only as trade tips and instruction to those with adequate skills and experience to install cultured marble.

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